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June 16, 2011, 2:32 pm
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Scribus example

Open source desktop publishing

Documentation page for Scribus – it has that open-sourcey, fun, well written air about it. Great stuff.

Example: The Assembly Line metaphor –

The Final Assembly Line

First-time users of page layout applications like Scribus can find starting out quite frustrating, since they expect to open a new document and immediately start typing, but a Scribus document is really just a space to work in, and there is no expectation that there will be any text at all.

You can compare a document that will be sent to a commercial printer or uploaded to the web to a car or a computer. Such a machine consists of thousands of parts, most of which haven’t even been produced by the car or computer manufacturer itself, but by suppliers.

If you don’t like the assembly line metaphor, then consider yourself the chef running a kitchen, in charge of turning a mixture of raw materials, pre-processed items, cooking some foods yourself, then assembling them with artful design to please the diners’ eyes, noses, and palates, not to mention satisfying their appetites!

What the manufacturer or chef does is assemble the parts into the final product, and that’s exactly the main purpose of a layout program: It’s the final assembly line of a document that is going to be published – most likely in print – hence the name “Desktop Publishing”.

Scribus Documentation Site (EN,FR,DE, PL) – http://docs.scribus.net

Scribus Home Pagehttp://www.scribus.net

Scribus Bug Trackerhttp://bugs.scribus.net

Scribus Wiki (users for users) – http://wiki.scribus.net

Mailing list (subscription, archives etc.) -http://lists.scribus.info/mailman/listinfo/scribus


Update: (where to get templates for Scribus)


http://www.scribustemplates.org/ (seems to be a site
in a state of change)

via http://pclosmag.com/index.php/latest-mag/37-june-2011-issue-of-the-pclinuxos-magazine


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